About the Association  

The association was formed in 1986 by farmers who were already members of HISHA – the Highlands & Islands Sheep Health Association.

The association is based in the Highlands of Scotland – a distinct geographic, and quite isolated, area.  The sheep are bred in what is definitely less favoured areas, from the high hills of the north to the high hills of the Monadhliaths in the south of the Highland area, and in some placesonmountains up to a height of 2,500 ft – in fact you could say, that they are some of the highest produced mules in Britain.

The original members were aware that farmers elsewhere were having disease problems not encountered here – especially diseases such as enzootic abortion. They knew that the Highlands were enzootic abortion free, and realised that because of our geography we could test and accredit our stock as disease free, while being sure of the hardiness, the milkiness, and good mothering skills of the Highland Mule.This is the guiding principle of the Highland Mule Breeders to this day – the promotion of enzootic abortion free, healthy and prolific sheep.

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