About the Breed  

The Highland Mules are all the progeny of a Blackfaced mother, or occasionally a BlackfacedxSwaledale mother for extra milkiness and mothering skills, crossed with a Blue-faced Leicester ram. This gives them high vigour, great mothering skills, and makes them very prolific. They are born and raised on farms that can be as high as 2,500 ft above sea level – definitely from less favoured areas – and coming from such harsh environments you can be sure that they are also very hardy!

Once they reach the lower ground farms, they can do nothing else but thrive!

Why you should buy Highland Mules

They are mainly sold at one large sale at Dingwall Mart (http://www.dingwallmart.co.uk/ ), but before they are brought forward to that sale they have to have undergone a stringent regime of jagging and testing. Everything brought forward to the sale must be accredited in the HISHA scheme.

  • The HISHA scheme screens the flocks the ewe lambs are produced from, for enzootic abortion and requires that all flocks undertake an annual blood test (see HISHA website for rules and conditions). http://www.hisha.org.uk/
  • All lambs brought forward must have had their 1st and 2nd jags of Heptavac P
  • They must be dosed with a long acting wormer containing the ingredient moxidertin – egCydectin or Zeromax – and they must have been treated for fluke
  • Gimmers must have had their 1-year booster
  • All sheep must have been plunge dipped for scab within 14 days of the sale
  • All tags are colour coded for ease of management for buyers.

Farmers come back to this sale year on year to buy their healthy, vigorous and strong, accredited enzootic abortion free Highland Mules – a sheep that really demonstrates a great will to live!! – and crossed with,eg, a Suffolk or a Texel, itself produces a tremendous lamb!